Baby Switch – Collins Muzame

This term may be a just hear of as it had been to me. you’ll never understand or rather believe this unless you be directly involved. as for me am greatly convinced that this is what happened to me.
Early this month, my fiancée rushed to hospital in a town in the eastern region (name with-held for investigations are on going) after an expected pains with a seven and a half month pregnancy. The doctors decided to get her to labour. When I was informed of this on Saturday at around noon I kept in touch for I was at work. 2 hours later, mum-in-law called me to break the good news that I have a baby boy, the joy of a new dad to a healthy boy overwhelmed me! I took an early leave from job that was around 3pm rushed to the baby stall to get some baby-wear then to the house to change and rush to meet my strength.
Leaving on the far side of the city “diaspora” traffic had already stated building up! fortunately this time was lucky it was a weekend I was at the house at 5pm. As always I had to spend some time on calls and as I prepared I was told that the baby was in an incubator to help full development , I never understood this either and took it easy as I had been informed by my mum-in-law its a normal routine to baby born slightly before due time. At 6pm, I left the house to town and board a bus to the hospital.
It was to take at most 2hrs. for me to get there. At 730pm just like seven kilometres to the hospital I was so disturbed and decided to call 2 good friends of mine (a doctor and a newly graduated lawyer) to share my joy with, the doctor who resides in Limuru and having no busy schedule decided to drive all all the way to the eastern hospital just to be the as a good friend would do.
On the other side my fiancée was on my neck asking why I was taking too long I got so suspicious asking her why, she didn’t even say a word instead she hang up anyway the joy was more than anything would suppress. I finally got there. Reaching the ward, everyone was up and down and trying to embrace her, I saw tears in her ayes, asking what was on, she turned back and said baby is dead! This to me sounded so sharp, suddenly mum-in-law comes, hugs me, takes off my bag and says, “son, am sorry baby I no more” I now knew something had gone a mess. My efforts to get a clear explanation to what had met hit on deaf ears or rather those that knew all that had happened and who were accustomed to the game. I called Jack my buddy who was driving over asked him where he was and told me that he was just a few metres to the hospital.
When he finally came in the process now eased up for he knew who and what to ask. Shortly, he pulled me aside and said to me ” brother, there is something wrong here lets get on it but first have the two – mum-in-law and my wife leave the room and I did exactly that. He then asked for the body of the baby which was provided. Looking at it, he asked so many questions and some gave contradictory statements to it. The hospital matron seeing that we were digging so deep Jack flashed out his practitioner work tag as a doctor, to freeze them more I took out my work tag as a media personality and they knew they are just into it.
We there and then asked for a DNA test on the dead baby but this time not at the hospital but in Nairobi. I called Stanley the lawyer to be part just in case. All went as planned and in three days, the results were out and the outcome was as good as what Jack had predicted, that wasn’t our son! This now lay way for the truth to what went on. The hospital management, the matron and the nurse on duty had to answer some questions right lest we meet in court.
This first had to be reported to to the police. Now there were sermonized to record statements at the police station and believe you me they were al contradicting. this had to there and then be a court case and with no waste of time Stanley prepared the needful legal documents for we had less than 3 days for the mentioning.
Then came the mentioning d, all was ready for sure Stanley and Jack never failed me for they had all that was needed by the magistrate. Though the hospital tried to play smart by saying that the diseased body had been disposed off but now what the court wants is the register of all the children born and mother’s contacts in the hospital that week for DNA tests to see who in in custody of my son.
As per today the case shall be heard and judgement reached upon on the 4th of September am allowed to disclose this to the public and let you be aware of what goes on in our hospitals.

story by: Collins


Don’t hung Man United Fans that’s the sweet truth

Its a fact that one PP has failed to live to his promise and expectations from soccer lovers. The lad cost Manchester United a clean £89m (Sh12 billion), an equivalent of what vihiga county has received from the national Government since inception of devolution and close to half what Kenyan government used to put up Thika Superhighway.

The recent dismal performance at home against City seems to lend credence to the fact that players arrive at Manchester United as dragon slayers, only to end up leaving as kittens.

It’s only Zlatan Ibrahimovic and maybe defender Bertrand Bailly who have been slaying some dragons.

My director and I are die hard gunner fans but look here my friends, its logical. I mean, when you are the world’s most expensive footballer – not hating! Poor performances in decisive matches doesn’t go down smooth.

The former Juve man – the most expensive player to ever grace planet earth – knows all too well that when you become the world’s most expensive footballer, expectations of you go through the roof. And it is not long before the fans lose their devilish heads. Of course defender Daley, Mkhitaryan and Lingard were all poor – for lack of a better word but unfortunately neither of them cost Sh. 12 Billion!

On behalf of fellow gunners, if Mourinho fails to get the best out of his players, the Red Devils should as well forget about the title, and wait for next season.

The ‘Special One’ is also yet to get anything special from Martial who looks jaded and if you did not know, he has not registered a single goal or assist this season. He has simply shifted from blowing hot and cold, to blowing nothing.


Yesterday HE the Governor Reverend Moses Akaranga left all the office work and appointments to spend the day with persons with disabilities At Itando Vocational Training Centre where he was meet representatives of persons with disabilities from all the four sub counties. Itando Vocational Training Centre in Izava Lyaduywa Ward in the larger Sabatia Sub County has more than 40% of the enrollment persons with disabilities and offers courses from; Hair Beauty and Therapy, Fabric Textile and Tailoring, Electrical Installations to Wood Technology and Metal Works.

The governor urged the residents to embrace and own up the facility by enrolling their children for there are a variety of useful courses being offered and the equipment there are in plenty, he also added that the fees is very affordable. On full boarding, the able bodied students pay ksh. 17, 000 a year and to those with disabilities its only 9, 000 a year, those on day school in a year pay ksh. 12, 000. The reverend however further challenged the center board and management to recruit more trainees for the facility has more than enough equipment to accommodate up to 500 students.

Akaranga noted with discontent that out of the total enrollment

45% of the students were from other counties where as there are several youths in the county who aren’t enrolled. He also noted that there are lots of constructions hence high demand for metal window and door grills and even gates but it’s too unfortunate that they’re sourced from kisumu jua kali artisans. He encouraged graduates to open up workshops to take advantage of the booming markets.

The reverend on the other hand brought greetings from Hon. Musalia Mudavadi the amani national congress party leader which was received in applause. He further insisted that he will support him (Musalia) in his bid in the presidential race and he expects the same in return as he will defend his gubernatorial seat on his PPK party come 2017.

His Excellency also assured persons with disabilities that he will be very supportive this time during the December 3rd day of persons living with disabilities a success and asked the leaders to use their point person to drive their issues through to ensure equitable representation in all spheres.

Speaking at the same event, the County Coordinator National Council for Persons with Disabilities Mr. Makwata informed that there is a fund to help persons with disabilities in schools to pay their fees and they should apply through their office. He thanked the county government for the assistance so far it has given to persons with disabilities and recognition too by having one of their own in the ministry of gender, culture, youths and sports.

Mr. Seth Jayuga, the chair of the board was in full praise of the governor for during his term as the member of parliament Sabatia constituency he gave over half a million to facelift the facility and he has as the first governor come again to equip the facility.

The ward administrator Miss Damaris Isigi took pride in mentioning that the ward is blessed to have another polytechnic; at Izava South known as Munugi polytechnic.

The Vihiga county immunization champion madam Naomi Mandela thanked the governor for his time and decision to spend the day with persons with disability. She further commended the county government for; drafting the persons with disabilities bill f 2014 that shall soon be ready for public participation and asked that the process be hastened for the persons to enjoy the provisions. She thanked the government’s decision to have a representative o the county public service board though there is yet to be more appointments of the group in different categories during employment. She however added that since persons with disabilities weren’t involved in the budget making process, she was hopeful that it has put into consideration the demands of the group as stipulated in the county integrated development plan of 2013-17 and if not they remember them in the supplementary budget. She noted that they face challenges in accessing public buildings and requested he concerned department to consider them during developments. She finished by reminding the governor of the world person with disabilities day 3rd December and asked persons with disabilities above the age of 18 years to register as voters to practice their constitutional right.

Wilson J Samoyo revamp of Vihiga Constituency




We have had lots of aspirants and contestants for the member of parliament in this constituency but all were never the right minds. this time round. its time to vote in the right minds to make this rich resourced constituency what it ought to be this mind is Wilson Samoyo. More of the strategies and mobilization coming soon. BOTTOM LINE LETS GET REGISTERED>>>